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It came upon me faster than a lightning bolt.
It blinded me, rendered me senseless, left me no ground to stand upon.
But I didn’t fall, not physically, anyway.  
It made me feel like I was drowning.
It silenced me, weighed me down, shackled my wings.
Not that I could ever fly.
It was my greatest enemy that would not be felled.
As the zombie from its resting place, the doubt clawed free.
The skeletal fingers closed over my hand and moved the cursor to the X.
Then it was done.
Another small world of mine, dead.
Another small piece of me, hollow.
The revenant nods slowly as it slides back into the rotten coffin.
“You will never be hurt.”
Its voice whispers softly from the depths of my mind as my heart bleeds. 
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In Reality
What a strange concept it is,
To so easily wander the paths of your mind,
Dance across the star spattered sky of your dreams,
Touch the colours of your thoughts,
See this wonderful world inside of YOU
And yet feel lost.
In reality.
Strange days it seems to me,
When you may wander among the fantastic beasts,
Slay demons with singing blades,
Spread wings of emerald and
Speak with the voice of a God-
Yet be paralyzed in a silence of fear.
In reality.
It is so strange,
That a warrior’s spirit can be so easily chained,
His aspirations cut down and red cloak left,
Tattered veins of cloth,
Stomped into the concrete of monotonous reality.
In his world he bows to no one,
Yet he falls down into dirt every day.
In reality.
How strange then is it,
When a girl with so much beauty inside of her mind,
A kindly, benevolent, shining kingdom,
Radiant with so many golden hearts,
Can yet be called ‘ugly’ and mocked
As forked tongues darken her skies
And cause her tears to fall.
In realit
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The Hunter
The Erlkönig in the Black Forest roams
His crown of leaves bejewelled with bones
Cloaked in fog the wind his whispers
Calling to him all willing listeners
Skeletal branches darken the skies
At the foot of his throne come soft cries
For all of his victims softly shall fall
It is only your nature to hear Death’s call
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The Kelpie
The silver eye of the moon was still sailing through dark, stormy skies when Alice reluctantly left the warm shelter of her cottage, eyes still dull with the residue of her nightmares. As she stepped outside, the cold wind violently lashed at her face, the night spitting upon her with icy needles of rain that forced her to narrow her eyes and bow her head, the plastic material of her hood the only defence that she had.
In one hand, she grasped the handle of a large, steel bucket, heavy with the weight of its load. Several large trout and salmon mixed with wet cat food. The contents made her nostrils flare and stomach churn with disgust, but it was a small thing to endure in prevention of a much greater offence. She hadn’t bothered to cover the top of it, knowing the hungry recipient would probably prefer his meal soaked in rain water. He certainly had strange tastes.
These were best not dwelt upon.
Having left the slick paving of her garden and crossed the sodden road, she entere
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Calling you out
My words are caustic
They burn with their meaning
Blazing away your weak skin
Exposing your lies
Purifying the poisons you spread.
Your venom is insidious,
They spread like a cancer,
Until, like a trap they spring,
Catching your victim unawares,
Destroying them,
Maiming them.
You are a snake,
Always shaking that rattle at the end of your long tales.
Always threatening to turn that forked tongue on others.
Yet you cry in anguish should a tongue of silver
Whisper softly to cut at your soul like a blade,
For then your poisons can seep through your own wounds
And you realize the truth of it- your own worth.
I have heard you speaking,
Yet your words are worth dirt
And I tire of it filling my ears.
It is not fertile soil but barren
Creating a desolate land-
Your world.
For what could ever grow from it but hate?
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Candyfloss, the Big Bad Wolf and the pup
The day outside was warm and bright, the perfect summers day. The clear blue skies soared overhead and warm, gentle breezes stirred the emerald leaves on the trees in the large gardens outside. It should have proven to be one of those idyllic lazy summer days, spent sunbathing by the pool with iced tea, or maybe just drowsing on the lawns.
At least, that was how Kidd would have preferred to spend her morning. Unfortunately, however, she was being forced to spend it trying to encourage an overgrown man-mutt out of bed, though all attempts so far had proven fruitless. She could feel her face twitching with anger, she was so annoyed.
"Gabriel, I mean it, if you won't get up, I'll scream!"
"Don't try to bluff with me Candyfloss!" Gabriel yawned lazily in answer, his liquid amber eyes glowing with amusement. "I know you don't wanna pay for more windows!" When she didn't say anything, his grey lips formed that lopsided grin of amusement and, triumphantly, he snuggled back against the pillows
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United Kingdom
21 year old girl from England with a love of writing & seeking great art. C:



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TheLittlelight Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Happy Birthday, hope you get lots of gifs, a good cake and the most important past it with your family and friends :)
Luminokii Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
CAAAAAT! How goes you? Haven't talked to you in forever! Thanks for the fave! >_<
carouselcat Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016
I know it's been forever!
I've just been really busy between university and Fallout and trying to make myself start the dreaded job hunt! D;
How have you been doing? =D
& no problemo!
Luminokii Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh, yeah, I get that. Personally, I've been kind of in the same place as you. Busy with college, online games, and starting to look for internships.  Adulthood is so funnnnn /sarcasm XD I really kind of miss having SM on Neopets to go to and hang out with everyone. It's been a little sad to see us drift apart like this after it disbanded >_<
carouselcat Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016
Haha I know right we are SUCH functioning adults!(To the point it's only freaking now, right when I'm supposed to be focusing on my dissertation/101 other final year assignments that I finally decided to try writing fanfiction and seriously cannot stop X~X more fun writing Fallout than the short story for the dissertation *le sigh*) Your studies going well though? :D & yeah I know what you mean I've pretty much lost contact with everyone from SM :C except Rabbit of course but yeah. It is a shame :L Do you still go on neo? I just kind of pop on to feed the pets/do quests when I can be bothered finally got the UC desert poogle but idk without a guild it seems pointless but I can't be bothered to try and be social on there anymore like I used to! (Is this called growing up?! I don't like it D;) 
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shenrill Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the watch! I cannot express in words how important your opinion is! :hug:
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Tnx for the watch :la:
Fluffycola Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Caaaat thank you for the fav! uwu
I haven't spoken to you in ages, how is uni going? C:
carouselcat Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
No problem your art is as stunning as ever! 

It has been a while- I've seen you online on neo but wasn't sure if you'd be online XD are you back there? 

It's going good I've already finished and survived my first year- had one absolutely ridiculous lecturer, but the rest has been fun! Have you finished now and graduated or one more year to go? =D & how's life in general been for ya?
Fluffycola Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw thank you ;w;

I'm trying to get back into it, I was back for a bit around Christmas and then Flight Rising opened up and I joined and at first I thought 'meh' but now I spend so much time breeding stupid dragons OTL
Are you back there? I'm sure I remember seeing a hiatus message on your lookup at some point.

Yay!! Congrats!! :D
Hahah there's always one lecturer, everyone has one.
No, I still have one more year because I chose the 4-year course, but a lot of my friends graduated. Kind of wish I'd just graduated, not sure I can deal with another year (but on the bright side they /have/ to give me a placement so I'll get some industry experience haha)
Life's been good thank you! I'm enjoying the holidays doing nothing, going to the Lake District in a week or so, then I'm looking forward to spending my birthday money :P How's it's been going for you? c:
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